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East Coast Couture's Founder, Owner, and Designer, LeeAnn Dussault, from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, brings unique fashion to the world.

 LeeAnn Dussault - Founder

I started East Coast Couture in 2016 after spending years creating unique pieces for my creative photography sessions. I had the opportunity to co-create a line for a show in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The reception was so amazing that I decided to branch out on my own.

I released my first line in February of 2017 at a fashion event in Moncton, New Brunswick. My line was titled Limitless. Limitless came from not wanting to limit myself to one creative outlet.

I started out as a model nearly 10 years ago, then took up photography and became quite successful at that. Over the years I've met and collaborated with many talents and became inspired to follow another dream and make it reality.

I love creating unique and creative designs that aren't typically seen. I find my inspirations from own personal experiences and travels.


East Coast Couture's Business Manager, Nicholas Dussault, from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Nicholas Dussault - Manager

When LeeAnn's designs started becoming popular, and more people were asking where they could get them, we decided that this would be a good time to launch the fashion line. 

Over the years, I've started and sold several small businesses. I have also been working in aviation for 15 years as an Air Traffic Operations Specialist. I am very concerned with seeing that each product we produce meets our highest standards, and that our service sees that our customers are always satisfied. 

We take pride in LeeAnn's designs and hope that each person that wears our clothing is just as proud of them as we are. As such, we are not mass producing our outfits, as we want to ensure the highest quality in production, as well as guaranteeing that employees and contractors are treated fairly. Having everything produced and supplied locally enables us to achieve this standard.

We are always looking for ways to improve and greatly appreciate any feedback or criticisms. The only way for us to grow is to continue to provide our customers with a pleasing experience throughout every interaction.


Jessica Schlarb is East Coast Couture's master seamstress. She has years of experience and college level training in fashion design and production.

Jessica Schlarb - Seamstress

I discovered my passion for sewing when I was just a young girl. My mother had a fabric store so I had an endless supply of amazing fabrics to work with and because she was so busy I was mostly self-taught. Throughout high school I spent my weekends, evenings and summer vacations in my grandmother's basement making my own clothes and clothes for my friends and family.  

After graduating from high school I decided that I wanted to study fashion design and after a semester at Ryerson University in Toronto I found my comfort zone at Fanshawe College School of Fashion Design in London Ontario. I completed the 3-year program with honors and left with an extensive knowledge of different techniques in sewing, pattern making and textiles. But even with all of these skills, I had trouble finding my place in the cutthroat world of fashion in both Toronto and in Ottawa and I decided a career in fashion was not meant to be.

Fast forward a few years and I have a beautiful little family. With two small girls, I wanted to stay home to raise them but needed a source of income. I opened a small alterations business within my home and as a sideline made doll clothes for the ever-popular American Girl doll. 

Recently, through a conversation at work, my husband learned that East Coast Couture was looking for a seamstress. After a meeting with Lee-Ann and Nicholas I realized my almost forgotten dream of working in the fashion industry might finally be realized.

With an eye for detail and need for perfection in garment construction, I'm pleased to be able to help make Lee-Ann's edgy design concepts into beautiful garments that people will love to wear. I look forward to a long relationship with East Coast Couture.