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Over the weekend I organized a large model shoot for my photography page Luna Photography.

During the shoot I surprised a model with a HUGE opportunity. Her reaction was 100% shock! :D

Back in June I did a live interview with Francesca Watson, director for Deck the Runway in Florida. We discussed my thoughts on the event, how we are coping during the pandemic, and how her 2020 show was now postponed to 2021. Completely understandable as all things are being pushed to next year. Francesca asked if I would be rejoining her for the 2021 event, and without a doubt I said yes! :) My experience was nothing but a positive one. A week after our live chat, I prepaid for the following year and posted the news on social media.

Instagram chat

I was super excited to announce that East Coast Couture would be returning with a 12 look collection for Deck the Runway! :D

After I posted the announcement, I got a comment from agency owner in Saint John asking if I would be bringing models this time around and I immediately started brainstorming ideas on how I would make this happen. Which models would I take, sponsorships for the models, etc. I thought it would be AMAZING to give this opportunity to 6 deserving models. Models from the agency as well as select ones I would hand pick to represent ECC in Florida. I knew right off the bat that this would be a free trip for the models. Flights/hotels/Disney/Medieval Times tickets would be 100% covered by us. :D

I sent Francesca a email asking her permission on taking some of my own models to Florida. I didn't want to just show up with a bus full of models to her event without permission.

I received a email shortly after, and she did give permission to bring a couple signature girls. 1-2 models to be exact. Francesca explained that they normally don't allow outside models to walk in their event due to past issues, but could waive that rule a bit for East Coast Couture. I understood completely, and was grateful for the chance to show some of our East Coast talent. :)

Now that the model selection has gone drastically down, we had to carefully decide WHO to take with us to Orlando.

I drove up to Saint John a few days after receiving the news and had a sit down chat with the owner of LModels & Personal Development, Lorraine Peters. We went over all the information provided by Deck the Runway 2021, and I am having her pick the 1 girl from her agency that she feels could benefit mostly from this opportunity. That model will be announced in the near future. :)

My decision was hard since I know so many wonderful models who could 100% benefit from this opportunity. My hope in this decision is that we can show Deck the Runway that models from the East Coast are completely professional, and hopefully give more opportunities to more models in the future. :)

The last model I chosen is someone I have been mentoring over the last year.

I first talked it over with her parents before bringing it up to the model, and they gave their full support. We decided to surprise the model on Saturday at the model shoot. :D

This young lady has shown to me that she is completely dedicated, and will take any critiques and applies correction immediately.

So a big congrats goes to Megan Townsend! :) 

Here is her reaction! :D

Video cuts short when I hugged by the happy girl. <3 lol

I had a few conditions for Megan if she was going to go with us to Florida, and the biggest one was that East Coast Couture was going to enroll her in classes at LModels to polish her up a bit during 2021.

The hardest part now is waiting 17 months! lol 

Hopefully the pandemic will be over by then.... *fingers crossed!!!* 




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