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Winter is a time for me for reflection. It's when I go into hibernation, and begin to plan for the new season. To start on new sketches and designs. Ordering new fabrics, and begin planning new shows, fashion photography shoots, and scheduling a few trips across the border for fabric shopping.

The beginning of January I started plans for a mini-holiday to Bangor and South Portland with the husband. I was going to be hitting up every fabric shop I could find! :P Before the government announced its travel ban, my husbands company put out an official email stating that any employee that leaves Canada would be put off for 2 weeks without pay. So we were forced to cancel all travel plans. Not even risking leaving the province. 

Around late February/early March is when I start to come out of my hibernation and leave the house more. But when Covid-19 hit Canada, and made its way to the Maritimes, everything changed. Schools began to shut down, events cancelling/rescheduling, shopping centres, shops all closed. Any and all trips/Spring photoshoots ended up being postponed until further notice. 

Now that we're nearing the end of March, I find myself starting to get cabin fever. I'm not going to lie, I miss getting out in public, hanging out with friends, planning sessions and doing model fittings. I now only leave my house once every couple weeks for groceries. To keep myself from going completely bonkers, I force myself to go out at night for walks. It's the best time to get exercise and limits running into anyone.

I feel terrible for the 2020 grads who had their prom and graduations cancelled for the year. Graduating from high school is a huge milestone in a young person's life. I hope it doesn't stop them from getting all dressed up and have a Skype-type of prom. :) Now is the time for those young people to get creative while staying safe! :D

What I might do in the Summer is have a day shooting prom photos free of charge for those who were unable to attend their prom. I never gotten images of myself during my prom, so I know what they would be missing. 


I have no idea what the next few months will be fore ECC. We have a couple events pre-booked that have yet to cancel. As of right now, all model fittings will be on hold until further notice.


Something I've been doing to help keep sane is starting on model gift bags for some shows later in the year. Black Moon Cosmetics is one of my favorite brands that promotes animal cruelty free products. I purchased a couple of their Mini Moon lip sets, and I just couldn't get over the products! The packaging is so original and beautiful. :D I might have to purchase a set for myself. lol 

So far I ordered 4 of these Mini Moons, and will be ordering much more over the next several months. :D


Atlantic Fashion Week 2020 will be posting their designer applications soon for their upcoming season in the fall. 

I've also been invited back to Orlando in December for another fantastic night at Deck The Runway. We are still debating if we can make that happen. Gotta check those AirMiles! :P


Covid-19 will eventually pass. We all just need to keep a positive mindset and know that life will one day go back to normal. :) Stay patient and follow the guidelines set by the government. Hand washing, keeping 6 feet from people when out in public, etc. 


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