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Back in early 2017 I met fashion designer, Lainy Gold who was visiting Moncton from NYC. She approached me for a collaboration to photograph her new collection. I accepted the job, and we had a great day of shooting. The images were even published in print magazines in the US.

LeeAnn Dussault's photography business, Luna Photography, photographs Lainy Gold's collection of vintage couture designsA model sits in a cast iron leg bathtub, wearing a mask and outfit from Lainy Gold

Lainy was even invited to show at the Trend & Fashion event in March 2017. It was the same fashion show where I showed my first collection, so it was great seeing her full collection on the runway. 

I was inspired by Lainy to push my creativity further.

Lainy mentioned a fashion show in early September of 2017 for new/emerging designers in NYC with prizes to be won. I wanted to attend but the wedding of my best friend of 20+ years took priority. 

After Lainy left New Brunswick for home, we stayed in touch through social media. Lainy even went out of her way to pick up fabric for me at a Joann's in New Jersey and mailed it back to NB. I was very grateful to her! 

It was just very recently that I got a invite from Lainy to to come visit her at her home in New Jersey, and how she wanted to plan a big collaboration with me that included her NYC models/photogs/etc! 


Lainy even mentioned to me how there was a fashion show May 20th, and how she thought I should enter a collection. 0_o Naturally I would be all over that! lol But, my husband had already picked his leave from work for May and it cannot be switched. 

NWH Modelling Agency in Saint John, NB is having their end of the year gala to showcase all that their models have learned throughout the last year, and asked if I would feature some designs on their runway. I accepted the invite, and will be going to NYC the morning after for the weekend! :D 

Totally looking forward to meeting with Lainy again, and seeing some of her new designs! :D Her work is absolutely stunning, and I'm honored to have my designs standing next to hers on set! :D 

I have no idea what I'll be bringing for models to wear, but hopefully I'll have a piece from my silk collaboration with Dee Silkie done in time! :) 

Lainy is even trying to book a rooftop that overlooks Manhattan for our set. :D My husband will also be there shooting tons of B-Roll footage. :D 

To say I'm excited would be a HUGE understatement. lol :P 

We'll only have a couple days in NYC so our time will need to be managed very carefully. 

Mood Fabrics is definitely a must while in NYC! :D 

For more information on Lainy Gold, visit her on Facebook.

For more information on Dee Silkie, visit her page on Shopify or Facebook.

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