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On May 25th @ 6am we began our long drive to NYC. 

I am not a morning person in any way, but getting up at 5am for a road trip to New York, I was more than ok with. :P 


The night before I had just finished a show in Saint John where I had the opportunity of dressing over 30 models for the NWH Modeling fashion show. It was their end of the year showcase, and I was delighted to be invited by NWH owner, Lorraine Peters as one of her designers for the event.

Here are a few of the designs that hit the runway in Saint John. :) 

Photos by Kevin B. McCluskey.

The next day we drove over 700 miles to Manhattan for a fashion collaboration with NYC designer, Lainy Gold. This trip was something I've been looking forward to for the last month. The collaboration included fashion photographers, 2 designers, and 5 stunning models from LGMD - Model Development.

The location of the shoot was in East Village Manhattan, on top a roof that overlooked the breathtaking city. 

We shot as the sun was beginning to set, and straight into the night. :) We couldn't have a more perfect night with the weather to shoot. Calm winds, music playing in the distance made for a very chill atmosphere. The models from LGMD did an outstanding job, and I am truly greatful to Lainy for her kind invite to NYC. Much love to her! <3

Here are a few images that were taken at the shoot.

Here's a BTS shot that my wonderful husband took with his phone. :)

And here's a image of me (your designer) with 2 of our stunning models, Destyni & Sarah. 

The next day was spent in downtown Manhattan on a little shopping trip. :P After a VERY late start to the day, waking up well after noon, we drove out to the metro and jumped on a train to the city. :)

I ended up doing a bit of shopping in the garment district, spending more than I wanted... lol Oh well, how often do I get to NYC?! :P

We even went by Mood fabrics! Famous fabric store known for being the go-to shop on Project Runway! :D 5 floors of fabrics, trims, notions, etc! 0_0

Even their windows are full of bolts of fabrics lol

My big purchase of the trip was this BEAUTIFUL reversible sequins fabric that I had my eye on for a while! :D I already know that I didn't get enough of the fabric... :P But I will definitely make do with what I have, and possibly purchase more online if needed. 

Plans for this: a mermaid piece. <3

After my shopping spree in the garment district, we decided to play the tourist and head to Times Square. :) We checked out a few shops and picked up a couple gifts before heading back to our place in NJ. :)

Sunday was our day to head home. We loaded up the car, and headed on the road for 2pm after saying a huge thank you to Lainy. <3 We said our goodbyes and began the long drive home. We even brought home a new 'friend' with us. lol 

The drive to NYC was just under 12 hours, but the drive home took over 18 hours. lol We avoided most of the tolls on the way home, but probably spent more on gas in the process. lol

Final thoughts: I'd do the trip again. :D

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