New Year - New Possibilities!!!

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I have a few updates to share! 

2018 is starting out already on a high note! :D Collaborations in the works, fashion event invites, and travels overseas!

A New Clothing Line in the Works

My first collaboration I have coming up is with Dee Silkie. Dee is a surface designer that specializes in hand dyeing Habotai silks. We've met previously in 2017 and I've followed her work since forever.

I knew I wanted her to do some silk dyeing for me for a long while, but couldn't decide on what I wanted in terms of colors or patterns. I fell in love with galaxy/nebula prints and began brainstorming ideas for a new design with the print. I ultimately decided on a version of this print. 

East Coast Couture has commissioned surface designer, Dee Silkie to produce hand-dyed Habotai silks with a unique galaxy/nebula pattern for an upcoming fashion line.

I messaged Dee and she was totally on board! :D

I'll be picking several meters of habotai silk up this week to start conceptualizing a few designs.

I knew the first piece I wanted of the nebula print to be jaw dropping. 

Game of Thrones is definitely one of my favorite shows, and I just love the many costumes in the series. I find them to be so inspiring. The gown I will be creating will be inspired by the character Missandei. I love her criss-cross tops, long flowy skirts worn in the show. I can't wait to start designing my own version for the runway! The outfit below is what I will base my design from, with my own unique customizations.

East Coast Couture's founder and designer, LeeAnn Dussault loves the outfits in Game of Thrones, and in an upcoming collaboration with Dee Silkie, hand-dyed habotai silk will become an outfit, similar to this criss-cross top.

I already have my model picked out for a photo shoot in the late Spring/early Summer, when I unveil my own take on this concept. :) 

More Photos with Well-Known Photographers

Another collaboration set for late Spring/early Summer will be with Fredericton photographer Lance Kenneth Blakney. I had first met Lance for a fashion shoot for CreatedHere's fashion magazine issue that was released in October, 2017. My name was put in a draw for a free photo session, and I won! :D 

More details to come within the next couple months! :D :D 


- Photo credit Lance Kenneth Blakney Photography

Here is the full blog post of the fashion shoot by Lance Kenneth Blakney.

Another Fashion Show This Spring


I have worked with NWH Modelling and Talent Agency out of Saint John, New Brunswick since autumn, 2017. Their models are on top of their game and I'm always able to contact them quickly whenever I need models for fashion shows or photo shoots.

I was invited to a fashion show gala taking place in May 2018, hosted by NWH Modeling as one of their featured designers, and I am excited to be able to have accepted the invite.  

It will an evening to showcase what their models have learned throughout the past year. I am looking forward to making some new contacts and seeing some familiar faces at the gala. 

After the gala, we'll be staying the night in Saint John and then travelling to Maine the following morning on another fabric shopping trip. :D 

Quite a few things happening already for 2018, and I look forward to every second of it! 

Stay tuned! There are a few more exciting surprise events that I can't wait to tell you about!

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