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I still get a kick out of people sending me links they found in various media outlets. While it's not all national, it still feels a bit surreal.

Check out some of the exposure:

Global News September 2015 
This was from a conceptual shoot that was inspired by "Carrie" by Stephen King. (Don't worry, she's not really on fire!)

Conceptual photography Inspired by the movie, Carrie, by Stephen King.

Global News March 2017
I did an interview about the fashion line that I was putting together in hopes of making it into the 11th annual Atlantic Fashion Week in Halifax, Nova Scotia in fall of 2017. I had little faith that I would be accepted (spoiler alert: I was!)

LeeAnn being interviewed by Global News in 2017
I found this link while looking for another recent interview that I did with CBC Radio-Canada.

K945 coverage of LeeAnn's interview with Global News opens in a new window

More to come!


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