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Maxi dresses have been making their way into the fashion scene as of late, that I thought it would be fun to experiment and create a few of my own. Maxis are perfect for any occasion, whether it be for a formal event or just a night out on the town. With the right type of fabric, a maxi dress can be a great statement piece in your wardrobe. 

The first step was to make the pattern for the maxi dress. I basically worked with the pattern I used to make my skaters, and just measured/extended the skirt to the floor. :) 


I had this beautiful abstract fabric that I had purchased during a shopping trip to Saint John, and it was just sitting in my shelves waiting to be made into something fabulous! :) I purchased all that I could of the abstract fabric, which was just under 4 meters. I couldn't waste a single piece! 

I was so pleased with how the dress came out, I just had to take a selfie. :P


I felt motivated to make another! 

I went to our local fabric shop to find fabric that would be both touchable/soft, and super comfortable for wearing. After searching throughout the entire store for about 30mins, my husband waiting patiently in the car, I finally found what I had envisioned. 

I found this black velvet with rose print, and thought it would be perfect! Not too heavy, and has that touchable feel to it. I needed this fabric! :D 

After picking up about 5 meters of the rose velvet, I headed home to get started on the next dress. :) After making my first maxi in the abstract print, the second dress was a breeze to do! Cut and sewn in like 20 minutes! 

And of course I had to take a selfie. lol I felt adorable in the dress.

I'm only 5'3" so the dresses are a little long for me. :P

A couple weeks later, and I arranged a photoshoot with a couple local models. I chose the location of a flower nursery. When we arrived, the employees were AMAZING! They brought us around the nursery, giving advice on the best places to take photos, and even a few off limit locations within the nursery. :) 

Here a few of my favorites from that shoot. 

Both Cindy and Sarah had gotten so many compliments from customers at the shop during our shoot. :) Ladies were asking where they got they dresses from, and they responded by simply pointing to me. :) 

Other images from this shoot can be found in Miraj Magazine issue # 4. After the magazine came out, I immediately ordered a copy for myself! :D I always love seeing my designs/photos in print!

About a few weeks after, I decided to make another maxi dress. :D I decided to change the original design up a bit. Instead of the regular scoop neckline, I decided to play with a higher neckline cut. Going from a flirty/fun look to a more elegant look.

I went with a beautiful black fabric that shimmered when it hit the light. It was very eye catching.

After the maxi dress was complete, I booked a model and we roamed around downtown to shoot. :) 

Chantel looked so lovely in the shimmer maxi dress! :D 

3 maxi dresses complete!

A huge thank you to all my models who took part in the photo shoots. <3

As always, I am a HAPPY designer! lol :D


You can order your copy of Miraj Magazine #4 here

My photography page. 

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