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2019 is just about here, and I'm here in my home thinking back on all the accomplishments, the crazy adventures, and the highs and lows and stress of starting a business. lol 

2018 has definitely been a memorable year for East Coast Couture. We've had numerous collaborations with amazing talents both locally, and internationally. Many opportunities that showcased my creativity on runways, and many opportunities that sadly had to be turned down. I hate saying 'no' to a potential show/event. I also was able to leave my full time day job, and focus 100% on growing East Coast Couture.


Here are a few memories throughout the year. 


Design for Change

Earlier this year I was able to participate in a charity event for a worthy cause for Coalition Against Abuse in Relationships. For this event I was asked to fit/dress the Honourable Cathy Rogers, Minister of Finance for New Brunswick. 

LeeAnn Dussault with the honorable Cathy Rogers, minister of finance for New Brunwsick

Photo by Pete Crawford.

Read full blog here.


Travelling to NYC to visit a fellow designer, Lainy Gold :D 

When Lainy Gold first invited myself and my husband to visit/collab with her, the first thing I did was run to our calendar to see when would be the soonest we could go. lol I was definitely overly excited. lol 

The trip to NYC was indeed a memorable one. But I think the next time we pay Lainy a visit, we'll fly down and not drive. lol Coming back through Canada though, was quite funny seeing the border officer's reaction to our 'dead body' in the back of our car. :P

LeeAnn Dussault with Lainy Gold in New York city, May 2018

LeeAnn brought back a mannequin from New Jersey, given to her by designer Lainy Gold.

Read full blog here.


NWH Modelling Agency

Owned and operated by Lorraine Peters in Saint John, she produces professional and workable models. I started using NWH models in late 2017 and was very impressed with the level of professionalism and confidence they had both on and off the runways. Not only have I used NWH models for runway shows, but for numerous fashion shoots/projects throughout the last year. :) 

LeeAnn Dussault with Lorraine Peters, owner of NWH Models.

Fashion Feeds 2018 with Lorraine Peters. :)


Dealing with a death in the family

I knew this woman as my aunt growing up, but she was my biological mother. Dealing with the loss of a parent is never easy. We tried to make it for the funeral, but at the time we were both working and just couldn't make it. I wanted to shut myself away in my bedroom and just sleep. Thankfully, I have an amazing husband who did everything he could to help me through it and make me smile again. :)

He even took me to P.E.I. for a little trip, and dressed up as Anne of Green Gables with me. <3 LOL He was totally uncomfortable and embarrassed but he did it to make me smile. :) 

LeeAnn and Nicholas Dussault dressed up as Anne of Green Gables on Prince Edward Island.

Early in the summer, I had given notice at my work that I would be leaving at the end of the summer. I was at the point were I could start focusing 100% on growing East Coast Couture as a brand. Unfortunately, the fact that at my day job we were overworked/understaffed, mixed with the unnecessary drama/catty attitudes, the stress began to build. Then the unexpected death in the family, it ended up being too much and said goodbye the end of July. 


Travelling to Tokyo, Japan

The last time I was in Tokyo, we stayed a total of 5 days. I hated only having that short amount of time to do/see what was planned, and still didn't have enough time to do all that was planned. So when my husband and I started planning our next trip, we decided to stay a full 4 weeks. :D 

I love Japan. <3 

LeeAnn Dussault posing in Akihabara in the street, in Tokyo, Japan.

LeeAnn Dussault modelling in front of Tokyo Tower

Read more about our adventures in Japan in Designer Diaries :) 


Atlantic Fashion Week Season 12! :D

I applied for a second year to AFW, and was accepted! :D I showed a fabulous collection with inspirations from my time in Japan. :) I can't say enough wonderful things about AFW. A wonderful platform for artists, the exposure and meeting/networking with other artists. A few days after my showcase, I was hit with all the emails/invites to even more shows from not only in Canada and the USA, but overseas to the UK, France, and Italy as well! :) 

Emma Bradford wearing the glamorous corset dress in Atlantic Fashion Week's 12th season for East Coast Couture

Photo by Brent McCombs 

Read full blog of my AFW show here :)


Global News! 0_0

As soon as life began to settle down after my last runway of this season, I got a message from Global News NB senior correspondent, Shelley Steeves. She heard about my travels, my showing at AFW, and getting invited to shows in London, Paris, and Milan Fashion Weeks in 2019. :) We agreed on a date to film the interview, and I had four live models on site dressed in designs that were featured in past shows. Two of the models came to me from Lorraine Peters at NWH Modeling in Saint John. :) 

Global New Brunswick senior correspondent Shelley Steeves interviewing LeeAnn Dussault after hearing about all of the year's great news for East Coast Couture

You can watch the full interview here on Global News :)

In Summary

2018 was a interesting year. Some parts very emotional, but most the best adventure we've had as a brand. :) 

I'm excited for 2019! :) I have no idea what the year will bring, and I know it won't be a easy year. To achieve the goals we set for ourselves, we need to put in the hard work. The blood, sweat, and tears. Things are never just handed to us, we work damn hard for it and will continue to do so. :D

I am already planning a Spring/Summer collection. More play dresses and maxi dresses. Photoshoots both in studio and on locations. A few creative sets with hair/MU. Possible runway shows both in/outside New Brunswick. 

...and we're in contact with manufacturers and a few pretty big clothing stores!

See you all in the New Year! :D

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  • What a fun busy an exciting year ! So glad that we were able to be with you on some of that journey. Not only are you a creative artist but youre also an inspiration to others, and a joy to work with according to Leigha. Looking forward to your journey in 2019!

    Dorothy Eldridge on

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