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Before I became interested in fashion design, I worked as a model from 2009 to 2013. I gained knowledge on how to pose and work my angles in front of a camera. Modelling allowed me the opportunities of traveling and collaborating with many other artists, photographers, stylists, etc. I had developed quite the portfolio. Unfortunately, my height restricted me from certain opportunities. I didn't let it stop me, though. 


Photo cred - Mark Barrett

In 2013 I became interested in photography, and purchased my first camera. Canon 5D mark II. Having the experience as a model I was able to help direct my models in each shoot I had. It was rewarding a feeling to be able to pass on my knowledge on to models who were just starting in the industry.

My skill as a photographer impressed even me, and even had multiple images published in print. Vogue Italia even published numerous shots on their website. 

Model Cred - Maddi Pond & Erin Lawton

When planning elaborate and creative conceptual photo shoots, I would often make those costumes by hand. At that time I had never used a sewing machine, only relying on hand stitching and a glue gun. I was always satisfied with the end results, and eventually got hired on with a US based magazine as a staff photographer. I've had at least a dozen or so publications with Sanctuary Magazine, an alternative and Gothic style magazine. It was more to my style of shooting - edgy, dark, unique. They even published one of my images on the cover of they special edition release back in 2015.

 Model Cred - Monica Smith

During this time I would still occasionally model, but it was more often I'd be behind the camera rather than in front of it.

I had the opportunity to even walk in a couple fashion shows for local designers. I loved it. 

I started to become interested in design at that time after spending years making my own outfits for photo shoots. I loved creating something that everyone would see, and possible like. 

Summer/fall of 2016 I began to study pattern making from DIY videos on YouTube. I learned quite a bit, and purchased my first sewing machine. I enlisted my mother in-law, an accomplished seamstress, to even teach me the basics for sewing. Then, I took my black sketch book and began to draw.

I took inspiration from my travels to Japan, Orlando, and from old Hollywood actresses. I wanted my first collection to be clean and simple. My skills at that time weren't the best for anything too elaborate.

3run Entertainment announced to be holding a fashion show in my city the following February 2017. It was more than enough time to create 8 pieces for the event. I put out a model call and even commissioned local hair & makeup stylists to help bring my vision to life.

I called my first collection Limitless.

For me, it has a lot of meaning. 

Beginning as a model in 2009, to photography in 2013, and now an emerging designer as of 2016. Fashion design has become another creative outlet for me. I don't want to limit myself to only one creativity. I want to push through barriers and see what I am capable of doing. 

My first collection hit the runway and was very well received. I was even contacted for a news interview in March of 2017. I couldn't believe it. That feeling of accomplishment made me hunger for more, and I set crazy goals for the year.

Photo cred - Mark Barrett

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