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In early Spring I started planning my next big shoot. I wanted something completely different from my usual studio sessions and began scouting out locations in my City. I came across a BEAUTIFUL heritage home on AirBNB when looking for a mini-getaway.

I booked the home, and was blown away. The Harry Williams House is a stunning little jewel. Saved from demolition, the owners fully restored this old Victorian home, and I loved my stay. I met the owners and told them that I was a local fashion designer and photographer. I showed some of my work and next thing I knew they are offering their house as my location to shoot a fashion spread for my design portfolio.

 I had a lot of work to do! lol

Firstly, deciding which designs would stand out best in that location.
I was working all winter on new pieces, planning events, other shoots, etc. I wanted to chose wisely on which designs to feature. I narrowed it down to 6 pieces.

Secondly, getting the right photographer(s).
I first met Ashley Dearing in the fall of 2017 in Fredericton. She was one of my models walking for me during a fashion charity show. Ashley, and her partner Brody operate Creative Supply Productions in Fredericton. We've met a few more times over 2018 at photo meetups, and I loved seeing how positive and inclusive they are for everyone they shoot. It's very refreshing to see artists empowering others, and I find that damn inspiring! It was a long time coming, and I knew I wanted to book them. No matter the cost.


Thirdly, model selection.
I try to pick my models carefully, whether it's for a runway show, or any type of photoshoot. I have a long list of experience models that I've worked with over the years, I call them my 'senior girls'. These models I know I can trust to be where they say they'll be, and if not I'll know the reason why.
I am also big on giving new models a chance at being in front of the camera. Helping new models learn and develop as a artist is something I'm passionate about. I remember when I was in their shoes back when I would model. Trying to gain experience, but was never given the chance due to lack of experience.
When I put out a model call, book someone for a shoot and they not only pull a no show, but completely ignore the messages that was sent to confirm the day before AND the day of shooting makes my blood boil.
So when one of my booked models pulled that crap the day of the shoot, I was super lucky that one of my other models had her friend with her. This same friend also filled in earlier in the Spring at a fashion show when we were short 1 model. She was more than willing to jump in the chair, and get her hair and makeup done! :D

Lastly, hair and makeup!
For this big collab, having a team for hair/makeup was a MUST! lol
I booked hairstylist, Corey Saulnier after working together since 2017. This man is pure genius when it comes to hair! A stylist from Chez Bernard in Dieppe, I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a hairstylist.

I met Madii Leslie a couple years ago when we did a creative shoot in Fredericton. She was my makeup for that shoot, and she killed it! Madii generously offered her makeup services for our shoot, and made the trip down from Fredericton to join us.
The makeup looks she created for shoot were just beautiful... :) Anyone in Fredericton looking for a makeup artists, get at Madii!

I took a few behind the scenes pics from my phone. From hair/makeup, to the models being directed by the photographers in front of the camera.  


The day was crazy, but totally worth it in the end once I saw the contact sheet of proofs to go over. :D



Here are some of favorite final shots from the shoot! :D 



One of the images from this shoot even made it to the cover of a print magazine! 

Here is the cover, and the link to purchase your own copy of Miraj Magazine. From inside you'll see other images from this shoot as well as a designer feature + interview. :)



I was to thank everyone who took part in this fashion collab! :D 

Photogs, models, stylists, and the generous owners of the Harry Williams House! :D 

This shoot wouldn't have been possible without the dream team we had on this day! <3


Check out/like the Harry Williams House on Facebook!


Stay tuned for our next blog! :D

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