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I received an email in mid-summer for a local event and fashion show in my city. The event was called Head2Toe Ladies Night Out. I accepted the invite to showcase at this event as I had already begun a new collection that would be complete just in time for the show. 

In my first line Limitless, I wanted to push my boundaries to see what I was capable of. With the overall success of my first line, I had spent many more months afterwards researching, studying how to create wearable designs. 

I wanted my next collection to feature classy, and elegant pieces. The Greek word Elysian comes from beautiful, elegant and creative. Divinely inspired, peaceful and perfect. So I decided to title my next collection Elysian. It just seemed to fit perfectly.

I put out a model call and decided on a total of 12 girls. Some of the models walked in the Limitless show earlier in the year, a few girls I've previously worked with as a photographer, and some were new models that came from way out of town to take part in my showcase. I was a very thankful designer.

Over the summer I dealt with some negative obstacles that put a strain on my motivation. There was a period of several weeks where I found it hard to get the ball rolling on what I needed done, and the time I had to work with. 2 months to complete 12 designs was a insane challenge, but I pushed through to the end.

Whenever I do a fashion event that showcases my designs, I always have a team with me to help prepare my models for the runway.

I brought hairstylist Corey Saulnier and his assistant Carrie Mills on board to create unique styles for each model that complimented the designs they'd be modeling.


Makeup artist Laurie Chevarie, the mother of one of my models for show contacted me and offered her services for the day as my make guru and backstage coach. She was the best! 

As a designer, I know the importance of having amazing photos. I decided to hire a local photographer to cover the fashion show. I've been following his work for some time, and Wade Carrier is amazing at what he does. 

The hair/makeup coming together, and the beautiful gowns created by myself looked flawless on the stage. 

I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to work with! 

 Wade Carrier killed it with the images! 

After my ladies took the runway, I joined them for the final walk. I always get a bit nervous on the final walks after a show, thinking I'm going to trip and land on my face. But, I held it together and only stumbled once. 

Once backstage again, group shots and congrats were given to all those who made my showcase possible. I am truly thankful for everyone that came out that day. 

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