One of my favourite series/books.
I became inspired by Diana Gabaldon, author of the Outlander novel series to create a couple designs for photo shoots in the coming Spring. I started sketching and played with ideas of some looks I'd like.

I knew I wanted a few gowns made of traditional tartans, so I went out to our local fabric shop and picked out a couple different tartans. My husband's family are Stewarts, and their heritage goes back to Scotland. I wanted to honor that, and the Royal Stewart tartan was definitely the first fabric I grabbed at. Second tartan I used was a beautiful Newfoundland tartan. I loved how the two tartans contrasted each other.

For the first piece, I decided I would use the Stewart tartan and make a one shoulder gown with a mermaid flared skirt.I wanted the skirt piece to be a bit over sized so it would flow beautifully. The end result on the mannequin was very pleasing. It was just how I had envisioned in my mind. 

The second gown I did of the Stewart tartan was more form fitted with a high neck collar. After drawing out the pattern, and cutting the fabrics to drape on the dress form, it felt like it was missing something. 

I decided to cut and pin more fabric into pleats. I never done a pleated skirt before and wanted to see how it would look pinned on the dress form. 

I took my time with the pleats and then spent 40 minutes ironing them to get that perfect fold. I was very impressed with the finished result and draped it on the form. It was that missing element that I needed. 

The finished gown was floor length with a pleated skirt layer around the waist. It was a different look, but I'm about looking different. 

Now that I had 2 complete gowns, it was time to start planning my Outlander inspired shoot. I searched locations that would give a feel of the Scottish highlands. My first thought was Cape Breton Island. I was told that it would be the closest location that would give a feel of Scotland that I could find. Unfortunately, it is about 5 hours away from my city. A bit too far a commute.

I ultimately decided on shoot at Fort Beausejour in Sackville, NB. It was still very early in the year that there would be little to no tourists. Much closer to home. 

I put out a model call for a couple local models.

- Maddi Pond, a model I've previously worked with many times, and have that working relationship with.

- Amy Skye Richard, a new model that just began to start out in the industry.

I planned to shoot on a very overcast day with chances for showers. The high hills, the marshes in the distant, and the overall dreary sky gave the look I wanted for a backdrop. The final shots, shot by myself, were too perfect.

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