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I love it when the carnival comes to town! :D
The games, the rides, the prizes, and FOOD! :D

This year I wanted to do a model shoot while the carnival was in town during the summer. I originally planned on doing a 1 look shoot with a model, but come on... :P How could I not do more than one shoot? lol I only had the 1 day during the carnival to shoot, so I basically booked 5 models and shot for 6 hours straight. Since this shoot was planned in just a couple days, I didn't have the time to make arrangements for a hair/makeup team for the models. I just told the models to keep the makeup simple, no heavy glam.

A few of my models were local to Moncton, but the rest came from either Saint John or Nova Scotia just to shoot with East Coast Couture. <3 I have no words to describe how thankful I was to those models who came from out of town. :)

We started shooting around 10am, one model almost every hour. The morning was overcast, perfect for shooting. :) Since the backdrop was a carnival, I wanted to use colorful and bright clothing that would stand out in photos. But, also have a few neutral/dark pieces that represents my own esthetics.

My first model of the day was Felicity Mitchell, and she is wearing the new abstract bodycon. This dress is made of a scuba knit fabric, very lightweight and breathable. It has a 4-way stretch, which makes for a super comfortable fit. I absolutely adore this fabric, and will be ordering more over the winter from Mood Fabrics in NYC. I can totally see this being a stunning pant.
This wasn't my first time meeting Felicity. She came to me in the Spring to style her for a photoshoot with renown fashion photographer Erwin Loewen from Toronto. But, this was my first time shooting her myself, and I had to give her little direction when in front of the camera.


My next model was Emilia Tuppy, and she is wearing the sun-kissed play dress. (Available at Forgive the shameless plug. :) This dress is very fun and sweet to wear. It screams Summer! :D

I've worked with Emilia many times on shoots, either for her own model portfolio, or having her model for me. She is a joy to work with, and always brings it for the camera. She has evolved as a model in just a short amount of time, going from needing full direction on poses, to none at all.



For the next set I knew I wanted to have a double shoot with 2 models, so I booked both Christine and Morgan.

I've worked with Christine on several shoots/runways in the past, and she is agency trained as a model. I styled Christine in a new version of the playdress. A new lightweight knit that I found at our local fabric shop. A mashup or color and abstract art, I just had to buy a full bolt of it. :)

Morgan has limited modelling experience, so I knew pairing them together for a double shoot could be very beneficial to her. Morgan was able to watch as I shot Christine on some solo shots, and learn some posing pointers. For Morgan's look, I styled her with a new mermaid dress from a new dark scuba knit that I found while on vacation in Ontario in the Spring.

The two girls had fun during the shoot, and I was very pleased with the end results of the photos.


My last model of the day is Leigha Eldridge. Like Christine, Leigha is agency trained as a model and has done numerous runway shows and photoshoots with East Coast Couture. When working with Leigha, she can command the shoot with needing zero direction from me as the photographer.

I created another new play dress for this shoot, made from a floral Jacquard brocade. This fabric is one of my absolute favorites. I am just sadden that I only had enough left to make the one play dress.

The dress fit Leigha perfectly, and I just had to have her keep her sneakers on. :) I usually tell my models to wear black heels for most shoots, but for this dress and the carnival setting, the white sneakers just seemed to fit.

Overall, I was very happy with this shoot. :D
Each model performed very well, and was treated to candy as a 'thank you' for their time.

I am already looking forward to next summer for when the canival is back in town. Will I have a marathon shoot again?

Stay tuned to find out! :)

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