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Earlier this year I had a interview with Global News NB's reporter Shelley Steeves. I was approached for a interview not too long after the release of my first line, Limitless. I met Shelley about a year before for another interview. I had just had images I'd taken published on the cover of a U.S. based magazine, and she wanted to do a story. So when she heard about my fashion line release, she wanted to do a follow-up story, and I agreed. 

You can see both interviews in the links below:

Limitless interview

Photography publication interview

During the interview I had mentioned my interest in possibly having a spot in Atlantic Fashion Week. It is our version of NYC Fashion Week, and a huge affair for designers. 

When August rolled around I saw a post on AFW's Facebook page calling all designers to apply for their upcoming season in October. They were accepting all levels of designers from beginning to well established designers. Last year their event lasted a month or so, but this year the shows would only last a week and accepting only a certain number of designers to feature their work.

I downloaded the application and just stared at it. Feeling very unsure.

My husband gave me some words of encouragement, and I filled out the forms and sent them back. Fully expecting to get that 'thank you for applying, but unfortunately...' response. 

Atlantic Fashion Week features local and national designers from across Canada in its annual fashion gala located in Halifax, Nova Scotia

A few weeks went by with no word.

September 4th - I received a email from AFW. The first sentence made my heart drop.

'Sorry for the delay in receiving this notification.'

I knew I hadn't been accepted. My knowledge, and skill level wasn't up to par with those I follow on other social medias. I figured better luck next year.

Then, I read the second sentence.

'I am pleased to let you know if you received this letter you have been selected!'

WHAT?!?? I had been accepted into Atlantic Fashion Week!!!! 

I literally screamed, not only scaring the crap out of my cats, but also my husband! I was beyond thrilled, beyond overjoyed! 

I had gotten another email shortly after stating when I was to showcase my collection. I was listed as 'Emerging Fantasy Designer'. I loved that title.

It took me several weeks to narrow down which pieces I would be bringing with me for Fashion Week. I ultimately chose my favorite pieces I made from the beginning of the year. 

I brought with me models from Moncton, Saint John, and local models from Halifax for my evening on October 4th. Some models have been working with me for years. Where I was either as a photographer or designer. We've developed a working relationship and I was very happy to share this experience with them.

When I arrived at the venue, which was Casino NS, I was pretty much in a daze. All my models had arrived and were getting situated for hair/MU, so I decided to take a quick walk around and check out the runway.

Taking place in the beautiful conference rooms of Casino Nova Scotia, Atlantic Fashion Week hosted its 11th annual fashion show in October, 2017

Photo cred - Tim Lingley

I even managed to sneak a quick pic at the Red Carpet that was just outside the main event room. 

LeeAnn Dussault, of East Coast Couture on the red carpet at Casino Nova Scotia during Atlantic Fashion Week

The hair/makeup team was provided by Redken. I gave them my vision of the look I wanted for the models, and I couldn't have been happier with the results! 

Beautiful hair styles provided by Redken during the Atlantic Fashion Week in 2017

When it was time for the models to hit the stage, everyone was in positive vibes! My first Atlantic Fashion Week would be a night to remember! 

One of East Coast Couture's most popular outfits, the faux leather shift, being presented at Atlantic Fashion Week in Halifax, Nova Scotia in October, 2017.

Newfoundland tartan dress worn by model in Atlantic Fashion Week.

One of East Coast Couture's favourite models, Cindy Therrien, traveled to Halifax to walk the runway in this sleeved faux leather shift.

From Moncton, Sarah Lawlor has modeled with Luna Photography and LeeAnn Dussault for many years, and took the opportunity to walk for East Coast Couture in our biggest fashion show so far.

Maddie Pond wears this single-sleeved crushed velvet gown during the Atlantic Fashion Week in October 2017

Forever popular, the black faux leather shift was well-received in Halifax, NS

This beautiful Stewart tartan was presented at Casino, Nova Scotia in 2017

A striking design, the mermaid dress has been a hit with bloggers and instagramers

One of a kind leopard patterned gown, seen on the runway in AFW's 11th annual fashion show.

The sparkle and shine from this dress makes you stand out with elegant and reserved couture

Coming soon to East Coast Couture, the caftan seen here is one of many that will be available for sale on East Coast Couture's website.

Photos cred - Mike Swiech

The models absolutely KILLED it!!! 

When I took my finale walk, there were so many emotions running  through me and they definitely showed in photos. Excitement, anxiety, nervousness, exhilaration, achievement, and hunger.... I hadn't eaten all day for fear of getting sick before the show. lol 

LeeAnn Dussault walking down the runway with her two faux shifts worn by beautiful models.

The finale walk of East Coast Couture's first major presentation at Atlantic Fashion Week's 11th annual fashion event in Halifax, Nova Scotia in October 2017, at the Casino Nova Scotia


Atlantic Fashion Week was one hell of a experience! And I would most definitely apply again to attend again as a featured designer for 2018. I came away from this more confident in myself. I realized that I have a gift to share and will continue designing for as long as I am able. 

Much love to all my models for making this day a great success for me! I wouldn't be where I am without the support and love from Nick (my husband). He is the one who pushed me to send in my application for AFW, even knowing that the chances of me getting accepted was slim to none. lol

And a huge thank you to Angela Campagnoni for welcoming me into AFW. 

Video of my debut can be seen here.

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