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Okay, I couldn't wait any longer....

Atlantic Fashion Week was the highlight of my 2017 journey as a designer. What followed afterwards, and continuing to happen is something I just didn't expect or prepare for... :)

About a week ago I received a email for a from a very nice lady. Her name is Tiffany Lui, and she is the design coordinator for Vancouver Fashion Week. She had come across an article that East Coast Couture was featured in during AFW and reached out to invite us to their upcoming fashion week in September!

'Hi LeeAnn,
I hope this email finds you well, my name is Tiffany and I am contacting you on behalf of Vancouver Fashion Week. I have been on the lookout for fashion forward designers/brands, and I really like your modern, edgy designs that could be worn day-to-night. I believe that your attention to detail and style choices would be well received at our show in Vancouver, British Columbia. With that being said, I would like to invite you to have a conversation about showing your collections at our Spring/Summer 2019 season this September 17th-23rd 2018.'




Vancouver Fashion Week is the second largest fashion event in North America! There will be A-list celebrities, ET, fashion bloggers, and other medias that I'm totally blanking on right now! 

This is something that we are SERIOUSLY considering! :D 

We sent our reply in expressing our interest, and was sent the designer packages to choose from. The timing is just too perfect! The fashion week is the same time as our vacation to Tokyo in September, so why not take a day or two and hit Vancouver our way?! :D 

If I see my fashions hitting the VFW runway, I will be a full hot mess of emotions! :D I've already decided that I want a collection of 8 cohesive pieces. No idea of what yet... lol

I've had many models in my city express their excitement and congratulations over the invite to Vancouver. Many even asked if I needed any models. :)  From what we understand, VFW is supplying models but we did inquire if we are allowed to bring a few of our own. Still waiting on that response. :) If I can take some of my girls, I totally would! They have been nothing but supportive, and loyal to me over the last year. 

This is the biggest news I've got to share for 2018! 

I will post another update on VFW when I get further details. :D

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