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Nippori Fabric Town

When I first started planning my trip to Japan for 2018, I knew that this time around I wanted to check out a local fabric shop or two. I knew that with the upcoming season for Atlantic Fashion Week, I wanted to incorporate some traditional Japanese silks/fabrics into my designs should I be accepted. I went on my computer to do a Google search of nearby fabric shops that might be close to my hotel, and was pleasantly surprised to not just find a fabric shop but an entire street dedicated to silks, threads, fabrics, zippers, appliques, and every other notion one may need! This street is called Nippori Fabric Town, and it is basically the length of our Main Street...

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Pastel In Japan

Tokyo is a city full of self expression, and it's very freeing to let go and show your true self without judgement. Just taking a stroll through Harajuku's Takeshita Street, the amount of styles in fashion is incredible. From street fashion to Lolitas and even gothic/visual kei styles. There are many shops all over the city to suit whatever fashion style that best suits your own personal taste. 

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